About Us

Energía Renovable Versant, SRL believes that clean, competitively priced and renewable energy will provide a way to continue powering human development and habitats in the future. Diminishing and costly petroleum reserves are under increasing pressure from a growing and demanding marketplace.

Clean renewable energy has proven technologies that are already contributing to the needs of many regions. Hydroelectric, wind, and solar are showing potential new ways today to power our homes, businesses and soon our automobiles.

The Company is seeking to develop a power generation plant that will sell its energy production to a Costa Rican State Owned Entity (SOE). The Company has completed a variety of studies in Northern Guanacaste and received some initial commitment letters from an SOE. The Company is currently working through a government-mandated delay in Costa Rica as the country analyzes the energy sector. The Company continues to actively work on this business venture during this “review” period.