CNFL Update (as posted on Facebook)

On the renewable energy front, we have finally been able to meet with the off-taker. As reported there is an 18 month review process but this has been politically disastrous and the feedback is that this is being modified to much less time. We have been advised that we can expect a new RFP for the project and that this is likely in the next 6 months. We are hopeful that this new time frame, less than 18 months, is real and will continue to work on being ready. Our recent Ex-Im Letter of Interest for $36,000,000 (LOI), is part of being prepared for this possible opportunity. It does appear all of the factors we have mentioend- high electric rates, inability of the state owned entities to develop facilities cheaply and quickly, and the sheer need for industry (and households) go have reasonably price electricity, may finally be reaching a tipping point in the Company’s favor. Any progress on this will be immediately reported, we do not expect much until early 2015 as far as news but we are excited about the potential change of timing.